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Can my Lipstick cause Cancer? Green beauty, keeping you safe and beautiful.

Lipstick Causing Cancer

Taking a step towards Green Beauty

Years ago, green beauty products without synthetic chemicals were deemed less than glamorous and not highly sought after, other than by die-hard health fanatics. Aside from health food stores and specialty boutiques it was very hard to access organic beauty products with demonstrated efficacy and quality. Healthy and organic are now hip, becoming more mainstream everyday as traditional stores have hopped on the bandwagon. According to Transparency Market Research the Organic Beauty Industry will be a $13.2 billion industry by 2018. This figure has doubled since 2012 demonstrating that consumers want more from their cosmetics.

Conscientious women are taking a more discriminating look at their personal care products and cosmetics thanks to increased awareness of studies that clearly demonstrate what makes us beautiful may also cause long term collateral damage and disease in our bodies and hurt the environment. Personal care products contain many dangerous chemicals and environmental pollutants including phthalates, (cosmetics, perfume, nail polish, liquid soap, hairspray) parabens, heavy metals and endocrine disruptors that are linked to serious health problems, including breast cancer and other female based cancers. These chemicals are bio-accumulative which means they build up over time taking up residence in your body. This is a growing area of concern as research accumulates about the potential health effects for the ecosystem and for human health (Rahman, 2009). What we eat, put on our skin and breathe is metabolized via the liver and the 80,000 chemicals present in our environment, many of which are present in personal care products and cosmetics, can cause irreversible harm.

Green Beauty
The rise in demand is led by two key demographic segments according to NPD Group analyst, Karen Grant, environmentally aware millennials ages 18 to 25 and health-minded people age 40 and older. This is the essence why we created Haute and Holistic. Consumers are attracted to boutique brands represented be genuine people. Many green and organic beauty products are the brainchild of need, spawned be their creators who themselves or a close family member had persistent skin issues and other ailments that weren’t being remedied by traditional cosmetic companies.

Green Beauty
Image courtesy of Indie Beauty Expo

Enter Indie Beauty Expo. Indie Beauty was founded by celebrity esthetician, Jillian Wright, and entrepreneur, Nader Naeymi-Rad, the Indie Beauty Expo was established just two short years ago to fill a growing niche marketplace targeting unmet market needs. Unsatisfied with the options available, Jillian and Nader formed IBE to provide a solution specific to market-ready indie brands. IBE supports the fast-growing category of indie brands by connecting them with buyers, press and consumers. For years many consumers either had to go to health food stores, make their own cosmetics, or purchase products online without the benefit of in-store testing.

I have been a veteran of the green beauty movement for twenty years. As an integrative medicine contributing author to one of the first medical books discussing botanicals in skin care (Cosmetic Dermatology – Principles and Practice by Dr. Leslie Baumann, Director of Cosmetic Dermatology at the Miller School of Medicine at the University of Miami, “Alternative Medicine”) along with countless natural magazines, I was thrilled to learn about this beauty expo last year. This past spring, my daughter, Charlotte, and I had the opportunity to go to Dallas and meet many innovators in the green beauty movement along with IBE founders, Jillian and Nader. It was an incredible experience to see so many hard working and passionate individuals and entrepreneurs concerned with the environment, our body’s health and beauty, both inside and out.

Green beauty is no longer something associated with your old hippie aunt with hairy armpits. It is glamorous, fresh and innovative. Currently, indie brands are sought out in almost all market demographics. Stores from Target to Neiman Marcus have begun selling indie brands to fill growing consumer demand for more transparency in their cosmetics and wellness brands.

According to Bloomberg Business Week the latest acquisition targets are Indie Beauty brands. (March 30, 2017) Indie beauty brands have strong social media presence and their founders interact more personally with their followers than traditional market brands. Women these days want full disclosure of what they are buying and moreover putting on to their faces and bodies.

The following interview with founder Jillian Wright was conducted by Charlotte this past May, about Indie Beauty. It is our hope to educate our readers about the importance of clean beauty, why it is beneficial for you and the environment and how it supports small business owners.

We are here to help you make intelligent decisions and educate you how to stay healthy from the inside out. Stay tuned for more green beauty interviews, product reviews and all things wellness. Please support Indie Beauty, Jillian Wright and indie beauty brands by following them on their social media channels and Haute and Holistic on You Tube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

For ways to check if your cosmetics are potentially harming you visit EWG skin deep.




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