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Bridging the Gap: Haute and Holistic

“Like Mother Like Daughter”

Never was a truer sentiment spoken than this, which perfectly describes the relationship between my mother and me, the creators of Haute and Holistic, a women’s website determined to bridging the generational gap between women today. My mom, Elizabeth Trattner, has always been my role model. My admiration for her is endless. Not only does she have this charismatic and luminescent personality, but she was an international model and women’s rights advocate. Facing a life-threatening auto-immune condition thirty years ago, she was determined to regain and take control of her health. Not only did she accomplish this, she went on to become a doctor of Integrative and Chinese Medicine, forging a unique career path more than twenty years ago. She even appeared on Oprah with her mentor and our dear friend, Dr. Andrew Weil, to share her story. When I was born, she committed to raising me in a mindful way, in a holistic household. Like I said before, she is pretty great.

From a young age, I knew my mom was way cool and unlike other moms. As I got older, I realized just how versatile my mom truly was. So, when other adults would say “Wow, she is so much like you,” I wasn’t offended or put off like other teenagers might be. In fact, I prided myself on being similar to her. Imagine, a 13 year-old being compared to someone she viewed as Wonder Woman, it doesn’t get much better.

Fast forward to my senior year of high school, I started writing for an anti-bullying and women’s motivational blog, The Lady Code Blog. It was this experience where I developed a love for Journalism. Although I previously considered a career in medicine, I did not necessarily want to follow in my mother’s exact footsteps. Despite this decision, my mom continues to support me in all my endeavors, ranging from my state and national pageant titles, reporting for pageant blogs and every one of my speech and theater performances. Her never-ending support really shone when I applied for colleges all over the country, yet decided to accept a full scholarship to the University of Central Florida, where I am currently studying Broadcast Journalism and able to continue working as a model (sound familiar?).

Bridging the Gap

For years, my mom and I have bounced around the idea of working together to merge our love of our fellow sisterhood. We were encouraged by others who told us how great we are together as a team and that we possess a certain “marketing appeal.” This past Spring while attending the Indie Beauty Expo in Dallas, we realized the impact that working together could have. People expressed respect for my mom’s medical knowledge and loved that I am a millennial with extensive knowledge of health and wellness, the consequence of growing up in an holistic household immersed in Chinese and integrative medicine. We have always eaten organic food, we shun products with toxic chemicals and strive to minimize our carbon footprint because these things are all vital to the health of our bodies and the earth. It all came together earlier this year when we officially launched Haute and Holistic. 


Haute and Holistic

Today, whether you are a woman in your fifties or a twenty-something young woman, you most likely are reading magazines, blogs and books about how to eat healthy, lose weight, take care of your skin or pick the right makeup for yourself. However, it is a challenge for experienced “mid-lifers” to appeal to someone from a younger demographic and vice versa. This is where the idea of Haute and Holistic came from, drawing from the perspectives of two generations – millennials and mid-lifers, who focus on green products.  Uniting medical facts with the lifestyle experience of a millennial, we present balanced information for women of all ages to create broad appeal and education for everyone.

Elizabeth’s Words

Having been in the Health and Wellness field for almost thirty years has given me great perspective regarding women’s bodies, their wellbeing and healthy aging. When I began, actively seeking a healthy lifestyle was deemed crunchy, bohemian and counter-culture. Now people will grab onto almost anything if they think it will make them young, healthy and strong. It is important to educate women of all ages regarding regimens that work and which is supported by medical evidence, whether it be a modality of health, nutrition or a beauty product. There is a tremendous amount of noise in the media right now because the beauty and wellness industry is growing exponentially. The truth offers the best medicine of all and my goal is to help educate women in leading healthy, happy and spiritual lives.  I am considered an expert source in health, wellness and green beauty. I have been fortunate to be cited as a medical source in national magazines and publications. My advice has been featured in hundreds of magazines and online publications. I serve on the Beauty Meets Wellness Initiative within the Global Wellness Institute. This group connects beauty, wellness and medical leaders redefine standards in the beauty industry and create aesthetic responsibility worldwide. It is my honor to educate women of all ages truly bridging the gap. Women have the power to change the world and when our body, mind and spirit are aligned we can do anything!!!


Charlotte’s Life Experience

As mentioned earlier in this post, my mom almost died 30 years ago. She has an autoimmune disorder which put her in a medically induced come and on a ventilator. She spent over 180 days in the hospital right out of college. I, unfortunately, inhered similar health issues and must be very careful of the foods I eat and medications I take.  I have had the good fortune of growing up in a household which values self-care and care for the environment. One of my mom’s many goals in life is to ensure I avoid the consequences of our toxic environment. As a devoted mother and doctor, she offers practical, methodical and medically-backed guidance for maintaining good health. Furthermore, I was diagnosed with a learning disability, apraxia at a young age which led me to create my service program, Just Like Me 2,   sharing my story of perseverance with the public.

We now share our collective message with you. I would not change my situation for the world. My experience allows me to inspire other young women to live a healthy lifestyle in a manner that is more relatable than conventional women’s magazines, while my mom appeals to other mothers and an older generation of women seeking a deeper perspective. We truly are bridging that gap between mothers and daughters.

This is an image of Elizabeth and Charlotte in the Salt Flats of the Chilean Atacama Desert.

Together we want to work on bridging the generational gap in a life well-lived for everyone and provide good evidence-based straight-forward advice and encouragement for women of all ages to be the best they possibly can be, a concept that defies age stereotyping. We are honored to be part of this wonderful campaign of Bridging the Gap.

To learn more about this campaign, please click here.

Love and light!


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  1. What a fabulous mother/daughter duo!! I’m extremely biased to seeing other mothers/daughter work together since I have my mom (the 70+ model) on my blog too!!
    So glad you joined us in this campaign!
    You both are amazing!

    1. Hi Jodie!
      Thank you so much for taking the time to read our posts. Mom and daughter duos make me so happy and I am so glad there were others in this campaign.
      The feeling is mutual!!
      Much love,

    2. Hi Jodie,
      Thank you so much for your kind words. They mean the world to my mom and I.
      It is an honor to be a part of this campaign with wonderful women like yourself.
      Love and light,

  2. What a lovely story of Mom and daughte r .. your Mom sounds amazing ! She looks like your sister ! I have an amazing daughter who shares my love of style .. so fun to share same interests !

    This campaign was amazing I was so happy to be a part !


    1. Hi Valerie,
      Thank you so much for taking the time to read our post! The greatest blessing is a daughter!!
      Much Love,

    2. Thank you so much Valerie for your kindness.
      My mom and I are certainly very close.
      Glad to be a part of this campaign with you.

  3. I’m very close to my 17 year old daughter so reading your story reminds me of the two of us. It is a beautiful thing to have a relationship like you do. I’m crazy about what you are doing. We need this information to get out to more people. Keep that knowledge flowing. Best of luck in college and you did a great job raising your girl pretty mama ?‍❤️‍???

    1. Hi Karen,
      Thank you so much for your lovey words. Having a daughter is such a gift and I am so happy to hear you are close to your daughter as well. We are trying our best to cut through all the noise going on right now on the internet. We have a lot of great information to come. Stay tuned and again thank you!!
      Much love,

    2. I hope that this was a good read then, and thank you for that compliment. I agree, we need to keep sharing this information. College is challenging, especially trying to keep my 4.0 Grade point average. Both my mom and I love hearing about other close mother-daughter duos.

  4. What a powerful, inspiring team you are! I loved learning about you two, your bond and your mission in the world through the Bridging the Gap campaign and your beautiful article. I’m also in the holistic wellness field and a mom to 2 boys. My hope is that they are learning about healthy living, a high regard for body, mind & spiritual alignment and that we will continue to have a close bond like yours throughout our lives as well.
    Sending Love,

    1. Hi Mindy! Thank you so much for stopping by our website. Your words mean so much to both of us. It is wonderful to meet so many inspiring women like yourself with The Bridging The Gap Campaign. Healthy living is so important to everyone right now and we need educators like you in it. Much Love, Elizabeth

    2. Thank you so much Mindy for your kindness. That really means a lot to both my mom and I. We will check out your site soon, we loved meeting other like minded individuals through Bridging the Gap. I am sure your children are learning a lot through you, just like I did through my mom.

  5. Charlotte, how lucky you are to have such a powerful and intelligent woman as a mother. And how lucky a mother she is to have you! I am so grateful for the vulnerability you shared in this campaign and can’t wait to see what else you and Elizabeth have in store for us in the future!

    1. Thank you so much Catherine! You are 100% right, I am really fortunate to have my mom. I am incredibly grateful for everything that she teaches me. This campaigned helped us in so many ways and we are so thankful for the opportunity.

    2. Catherine,there are not enough words to explain how wonderful it was to be part of this despite my lack of working internet knowledge! There are so many inspiring women in this campaign and I am still reading all the wonderful and inspiring posts. Thank you for your incredibly kind words of encouragement and moreover including us in this campaign. We are truly fortunate to have shared this with so many inspiring women of all ages.
      Much love to you!! Elizabeth

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